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Saint Andrew’s church is a welcoming, inclusive community dedicated to living and sharing the good news of God’s love and forgiveness through worship, education, pastoral care and service to our community.

We are a friendly congregation. We enjoy worshiping together, welcoming visitors and serving others. We also enjoy social activities which are part of parish life. These include theatre events, dining opportunities, films, an annual picnic, beach days for the kids and potluck suppers.


About The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church is one of 28 independent self governing churches that make up the Anglican Communion. With more than 70 million communicants world wide, it represents a wide variety of races, languages, cultures and political entities. The Anglican Church is part of one holy catholic and apostolic church. As such, our faith is arrived at through scripture, tradition and reason.

Worship in the Episcopal Church originates from the Book of Common Prayer. Generally we stand to sing or praise, sit to listen and stand or kneel to pray.